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Drilling Rig
Founded in 1953, Shandong Binzhou Forging And Pressing Machinery Factory (Binzhou Drilling Machinery Factory)is a state owned enterprise dealing in development, manufacture and marketing of various water well drilling rigs,engineering drilling rigs, truck mounted drilling rigs,core drilling rigs and construction machinery. It has two factories areas at No. 534, 4th huanghe road and eastern development zone of Binzhou city, covering a land area of over 191988 square meters and the total building area of over 35000 square meters.
Shandong Binzhou Forging And Pressing Machinery Factory has complete equipments and workshops of forging, heat treatment, machining and assembling. The products are in ten series and more than 150 varieties, and are sold well to more than 20 provinces in china. They are well used in water conservation, geology, highway, road traffic communications, electric power and building foundation. Through development of over 60 years, Shandong Binzhou Forging And Pressing Machinery Factory is professional manufacturer of various engineering drilling rig, water-well drilling rig, rotary drilling rig, directional drilling rig and forging manipulator.
Shandong Binzhou Forging And Pressing Machinery Factory holds a powerful technical forces with more than 80 senior engineers, engineers, technicians, accountants and economists. And all workers obtained professional qualification certificates. Our factory have designed and produced BZCF-150,BZC-200,BZC-300,BZC-400,BZC-600 and BZC-1000 series truck mounted water well and engineering drilling rigs and BZT300,BZT400,BZT600 and BZT1500 series trailer type drilling rig,BZLD300 hydraulic crawler drilling rig etc. It is successful founded “the center of engineering machinery of Binzhou” and “the center of forging and pressing machinery of Binzhou” in 2006. the enterprise established the quality management system and passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system authentication. The products is chosen by DAQING oil field、Tarim oil field、SINOHYDRO 4th Bureau, Shanxi mine field etc domestic big enterprise group and exported to more than 60 countries.For instance,Congo、Nigeria、Ethiopia、Sudan、Argentina、Chile、Paraguay、Bangladesh、Kazakhstan ect.Drilling Rig

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