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custom Touch Screen
5 inch industrial touch screen display, Strong anti-interference performance, support toch with water, gloves and 10mm tempered glass onside; main applications in outdoor portable terminal, industrial, automotive, smart home appliances and other fields.  structures and surface AG AR AF and other special effects processing can be customized accordingly. Air bonding and optical bonding optional. brightness can be customized, display can match different interface conversion Board according to customer's requirement.

TPMModel NumberHX0501708
Size5.0 inch
Operating Temperature-10℃ ~ 60℃
Storage Temperature-20℃ ~ 70℃
Outline Dimension70.00(W)x132.50(H)x3.83(D) mm
Viewing Area62.70(W)x111.00(H) mm
Active Area62.10(W)x110.40(H) mm
Support SystemsWindows/Android/Linux etc.
Warranty1 year
CTPInterface TypeIIC/USB
Controller ICCypress
Touch Points10 points
Surface Hardness≥6H
Power Supply Voltage2.8V ~ 3.3V
Interface TypeMIPI
525Luminance525 cd/m²
Viewing AngleALL

Our Service

programe evsluation1 to 2 morking days
Drawings2 to 3 working days
Customized products3 to 4 weeks(after drawings confirmed)
Mass Production delivery4 to 6 weeks
Software debugging
Capacity150K per month
Process capabilityG+G, G+F+F, shielding process, overall module joint process(Optical Bonding)(maximum 65 ") Cover glass surface treatment AR, AG, AF
Technical supportEngineers to provide door-to-door or remote access service within 24 hours
Stable supply chain for at least 3 years guarantee
One year warranty time for all of our products


Q1:What is the minimum order?
our company mainly deals with wholesale deals,but if you insist buying one set,welcome to take a sample for you check quality and function.
once sample is confirmed, we could allow for a small mount of orders(no quantity limitation) to be put into production and once this is confirmed, MOQ is required.

Q2:What is the lead time of the products?
3-5 working days for Samples in stock after receiving payment. 4-6 weeks for bulk orders

Q3:How long can you guarantee for the contineus supply of the industrial grade products?
At least 3-5 years

Q4: warranty?
13 months.

Q5: Do you offer custom solution?
yes we can offer custom solution if standard producrs don't meet buyers' require.
custom Touch Screen

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