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Customized CNC Cutting And Router Machine
CNC cutting drilling machine could engrave and cut MDF, PVC, acrylic, panel, chip board, and so on, and widely used in manufacturing office furniture, customized  wardrobe and kitchen cabinets.

Performance features:
1. control system --- easy to operate and supports recover carving point after break or disconnecting power, with the function of forecasting process time.  
2. Base frame --- welded with thick channel steel and square tubes, processing by high temperature tempering treatment and vibrating stress relief.
3. Beam and machine body --- integrated, good rigidity gantry with good performance against pressure and deformation, ensure the high precision, longevity and good stability。
4. Vacuum table --- with T-slot can not only suck the different size of machine, but also fix the irregular ones.
5. Drill --- 5+4 drilling.
6. CE certificate

Technical specifications:
Working area: stroke: 1300*2500*160mm(X*Y*Z)     
Processing speed: 15-20m/min
Max travelling speed: 50m/min                                  
Vacuum pump: 7.5KW
Working voltage: 380V                          
Total power: 19KW
Spindle speed: 18000r/min                               
Weight: 2300KG
Overall dimensions: 3600*2200*2150mm

1.Furniture industry: all kinds of board type furniture, wooden doors, cabinets, solid wood furniture, cutting and engraving
2..The advertising industry: craft gifts, crystal ornaments, advertisement sign, mini word engraving cutting, etc
3.The decoration profession: acrylic, PVC, density board, plastic, aluminum and copper and other soft cut sheet metal ornamental engraving milling processing
4.Panel processing: particle board, ecological board, joinery board, medium density fiberboard, insulation, plastic chemical parts; PCB. Move the car body, bowling track; Resistance times the special plate, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and so on carbide mixture

Packaging & Delivery:
1.    Standard protective wrapping film for FCL, optional plywood box for LCL
2.    Most of time we keep in stock, the fast delivery time is around 15-20 days if customized.

Installation & training:
We have standard operation manual, if required, we could send operation video for reference. Or you can send technician to our factory for fully training which is the best way we recommend. For installation, if needed, we can arrange our engineer to install the machine in customer’s factory.

Warranty & After sale service:
1.    We have 12 months warranty for the whole machine.
2.  We can supply technical support by phone, email or WhatsApp on line
3.  Friendly English version manual and operation video CD disk.

Customized CNC Cutting And Router Machine

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